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Welcome to our site which will hopefully help you to make an informed decision in your choices for bathroom wall and floor tiles. Bathroom Tiles have developed over the past thirty years from a practical solution to be used as a water splashback around the bath and sink, to a fully fledged design choice in its own right. People are now fully utilising tiles on their bathroom wall and floor to create a beautiful and practical space that will last for many

Bathroom tiles ideas

An easy to create tiled space

years. The choice of bathroom Tiles is now vast and we will help you to make the right decision in regards to what type of tiles suit the various service conditions found in bathrooms. We have many years experience in the tiling industry in specification and design roles, so you can be rest assured of sound advice. Our mission is to make sure that you as the consumer understands the issues and problems regularly associated with tiling bathrooms, which comes from the experience we have gained over many years of specification and remedial site visits.

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Please choose your desired category from the sidebar. We have plenty of practical advice in the preparation of bathrooms needed prior to the tiling being commenced and practical information in regards to choosing the correct tiles for the application. If you are just looking for designs and bathroom design tips then please check out our bathroom tile gallery which will give you an idea of various tiling scenarios and installations. We have many pictures that denote the various stages of preparing a bathroom for tiling in the correct manner. You can check out the cheap bathroom tiles category, where you will find all kinds of practical advice regarding tiling on a budget without compromising on quality. If you have any ideas or suggestions about our website then please contact us We will be pleased to receive your feedback and requests.

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Here are some examples of the information to be found on our website. You can see pictures and practical information in regards to preparing the substrates and the best choices of tiles to use in certain conditions such as tiling a shower. We include information on tanking (waterproofing) water sensitive substrates, Making substrates suitable to receive tiling, grouting and sealing if your choice of tiles requires so.

We also include a comprehensive section that explains all you need to know about electric underfloor heating systems and how to use them. There is a growing trend of people wanting to create a wet room or walk in shower room and whilst these are relatively easy to create, there are a few things to consider to make sure that there are no potential problems when the shower room is put into service, all the information is here to advise you and give you the required knowledge. You have a plethora of different tile types available to buy which are beautiful and fashionable, but are you aware of the various requirements for the different tile types such as glass? Or what kind of adhesive you need to make sure your new tiles stay fixed to your wall or floor? Maybe your tiles are looking old and have been installed since the 1980′s or are looking a bit outdated, it isn’t always neccessary to spend a fortune re-tiling your bathroom, there are now tile paints available that can give your bathroom tiles a makeover at a very modest cost and give reasonable results. There is no need for guess work anymore, all the information is only a mouse click away.

bathroom tiles ideas

undertile heating Installation

bathroom tiles ideas

Preparation Of wooden Floors

bathroom tiles ideas

tanking of substrate


bathroom tiles ideas

Natural stone Installations









These are just some of the things that you will need to contemplate when at the design stage of your bathroom tiling installation. If you follow the advice contained with this site, you will be rest assure that your tiling installation will last a lifetime and there will be no costly failures soon after the tiles have been installed. Whilst tiling is a project that comes under a DIY (do it yourself) category, when you are dealing with underfloor/undertile heating, waterproofing, natural stone tiling or other extensive preparation projects,we recommend that you consult with a professional prior to undertaking the job yourself. Whilst the fitting of tiles is costly, a failure will be more expensive in the long run. Please obtain recommendations or testimonials from your professional prior to employing them, which they should be pleased to supply.

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